TNS Support 2006 Demo
From 19 till 22 april the Support fair took place in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. A good ocasion for some action was Mario's thought. 2 months ago he've send Bart Gijsels, Ronald and Me to Haarlem to checkout a mini ramp and told us he wanted us to ride it 4days in a row during the fair. If i wanted that...? A demo with skateboarders sounds as good fun to me, and so it was! Thanks to Bram Waterman the ramp and skaters (Dutch proskater; Jennifer de Sera)where present in Utrecht.
That it was not something the most people expected to see on there 2yearly day out to the rehab-fair was for sure. This made it even more fun to do then it all ready was, I hope it openend some eyes and made some brains start to work, ...Its time for some action in cripple world!

click right mouse button and save target as.../doel opslaan als...
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